220V-250V Plus Valves Kit JP Boiler 4KW Diesel +2kw Electric Hot Air & Hot Water Combi Heater Kit 5000M Working Altitude Bluetooth App Controller

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Diesel 220V-250V
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Including Valves 220V-250V JP Boiler 4KW Diesel +2kw Electric Hot Air & Hot Water Combi Heater Kit 5000M Working Altitude Bluetooth App Controller

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Including Valves 220V-250V JP Boiler 4KW Diesel +2kw Electric Hot Air & Hot Water Combi Heater Kit 5000M Working Altitude Bluetooth App Controller

220V-250V Plus Valves Kit JP Boiler 4KW Diesel +2kw Electric Hot Air & Hot Water Combi Heater Kit 5000M Working Altitude Bluetooth App Controller

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220V-250V Plus Valves Kit JP Boiler 4KW Diesel +2kw Electric Hot Air & Hot Water Combi Heater Kit 5000M Working Altitude Bluetooth App Controller

CR12 Diesel Heater - a combination of air and water heating.Whether you prefer the convenience of a campsite or rather a completely independent holiday in nature - the CR12 Combi Diesel Heater offers maximum flexibility wherever you are. And if you want to heat your vehicle or hot water need, you can always use the power that best suits you: only electric, diesel alone or a combination thereof.The CR12 Combi Diesel Heater is a hot air heater with an integrated hot water boiler. The unit is designed for installation in motor homes and caravans. This heater is a combination of warm water and warm air, which can supply hot water during the heating of the compartment. This diesel boiler heats your vehicle and simultaneously heats water. Combined Heating integrated electric heaters reduce heating time. The CR12 Combi Diesel Heater may be used while driving.

You can set the temperature required for the CR12 Combi Diesel Heater on the digital control panel or via the Bluetooth App on your phone.

Where to download App for the JP Combi Heater?
1- For the iphone, you can find it in the App store, search "MyBluee".

2-For Android phone, please contact sales to get the install file.

Working modes of the JP Combi Heater

---Diesel only mode (Max. power is 4kw)

The heater automatically adjusts the power.

---Electrical only mode (Max. power is 1.8kw)

Select the 900W or 1800W heating mode manually according to the power supply capacity of the motor home camp. The red wire is the city power cable.

---Mix Diesel+Electric

When the power demand is low (for example, at the stage of maintaining room temperature), the electrical mode is preferred. The diesel mode will not be started until the electrical mode can not satisfy the demands, and the diesel mode function shall be turned off first in the power adjustment stage. In the hot water operation mode, the diesel mode or the electrical mode is used to heat the water tank. The temperature of the water tank can be set to 40℃ or 60℃。

How to choose different working modes?

1-via Bluetooth App

2-via LED Switch, you can download the LED operation manual from the product page to learn more operation.

Full kit of the JP Combi Heater

They will be packed with 2 cartons. one carton is the combi heater unit, another is the accessories carton.



1.Is it a copy of Truma? No, it is our own technic for electronic programs, our brand is JP Heater. 2.Is the accessory 100% compatible with Truma? Yes, except for electronic accessories, all install parts could be used for Truma heater.

3. Must the 4pcs air outlets be open at the same time? Yes, it must be open at the same time, but the air volume of the air outlet can be adjusted.

4. Does the kit include pipes? Yes , 1 pc air exhaust pipe(L=950mm, Dia: 50-55mm), 1 pc air intake pipe(L=1000mm, Dia: 76-80mm), 2 pcs ducting pipes(L=4000mm, Dia: 60mm). The air exhaust pipe can not be cut short.

5. How long does it take to heat 10L of water for a shower? 20-30 minutes.

6. Working height of heater? it support high altitude working mode within 5000m.

7. How to operate the high altitude mode? Controlled by LCD switch.

8. Can it work on 24v? Yes, just need a voltage converter to adjust 24v to 12v. If must connect the heater to 24V battery power directly, have to ensure it can provide 30A to support heater. For the 12V battery, have to ensure 16A to support the heater.

9. What is the working voltage range? It is 200v-250v.

10. Can it be controlled via a mobile app? Yes.

How to delivery?

1-By sea
We could provide the offer of sea delivery then arrange the heaters to delivery via TIANJIN sea port. Or if you have shipping forwarder in China, we accept the EXW factory item, then you can ask your shipping forwarder to pike up goods.
2-By air express
Generally, we use FedEx, UPS, DHL etc.

The product is updated from time to time, subject to the actual package received.

  • Brand JP Heaer
  • Model Air and Water Heater
  • Controller LCD and Bluetooth App
  • Fuel Diesel
  • Certification CE
  • Warranty 2 Years
  • Voltage 220V-250V
  • Oil Diesel
  • Water Tank 10L
  • Delivery time 3-10 working days
  • MOQ 1pc
  • Payment T/T, PayPal
  • Weight 27 kg
  • Package 60.00cm*49.00cm*66.00cm
Ask a Question
  • Question: Gretings, Is it suitable for a small camper, i.e. cabin mounted on a pickup, 5-10m3, or too powerful ? Minimum power is 2kw correct ? Thanks, Bernard By A***y on 2023-12-05

    Answer: Greetings, welcome to test our 2kw air heater, that is enough power for your space to heating. By Candy Li on 2023-12-05

  • Question: Hi can the jp water/air heater be run on 12v and diesel Many thanks By A***y on 2023-10-25

    Answer: Hi our combi heater can run on 220V or diesel , or 220V + diesel, it does not support the 12V , but our heater needs 12v , it will support the LCD switch to work. welcome to test it. By Candy Li on 2023-10-25

  • Question: Have you a uk outlet What are the availability of spares Length of warranty Why is postage so expensive By A***y on 2023-09-16

    Answer: Hi we have different delivery methods to UK, you can choose one you like. we do not have the UK outlet, all heater was sent out from China directly, welcome to test it. By Candy Li on 2023-09-17

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  • Elaine Reynolds
  • 2024-04-22
very good quaity combihob

  • Alison David
  • 2024-04-22
bluetooth app is super well

  • Damian Bradburn
  • 2024-04-21
best product in China

  • Strathearn Camper Conversions
  • 2024-04-21
very well

  • Patrick Stafford
  • 2024-04-21
nice service

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